Scary Puzzle Game


This game may look like an ordinary “spot the difference” kind of activity, although, yes, because you have to spot 3 differences among two similar pictures. But after level 2, this game holds a great fortune of excitement which the player should really prepare for before starting playing it. As well as tough decision making that every player should be thinking about seriously.

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Scary Puzzle Game

How to play the Scary Puzzle Game

This game requires a lot of hard thinking. This can be considered as the most serious game among the scary maze game series. Of course, never set aside the fact that the scary puzzle game is also loaded with surprises as its main objective and features.

As you look at two identical pictures you just need to identify 3 differences from the images. You have to be focused on spotting the difference because they are very hard to find. You also don’t need to worry about time pressure because there is none, so don’t worry. Take all the time you need in order the find the three differences, you need to concentrate on this game very seriously.

Once you have spotted the differences just click on the object you find distinctive. But please do remember that the pictures are something that you should take into consideration, like if it’s appropriate or suitable with your age or preference. You can even customize your gaming experience to have it more personal and more challenging as every level progress.

Do not worry about the next level because what is more important is on how you personally improve your skills. It is also best to share or do the scary puzzles game with family and friends who are willing to devote their time and effort in identifying the differences on this game. This activity is also great means of bonding and teamwork.

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Mistakes are also acknowledged as long as you have learned from it. Playing puzzle games is also a great way to improve your logical perspective on things and on how you interpret them. Pictures used are the normal views around us so we can easily relate to the objective of the game. You have to be very analytical in such a way that you can establish that skill which you can also use in your everyday activities.

The scary puzzle game is not just for the sake of playing it, it should also be your tool to improve whatever skill you have that makes you interested in playing the game. As long as the objective of the entire puzzle game is clear to you, then there shouldn’t be any hesitations from your part. Go ahead and challenge yourself for the better.

It is not important on how many times you have repeated the game or level, what’s important is that you have learned out of those “game over” moments. The harder you try the more chances of you to succeed. Winning is nothing if you have not experienced failure, and in every winning moments are surprises that every player deserves after exerting all their efforts to make it to every level in this fantastic online game.