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This time you are a soldier who needs to collect the red dots and reach the finish line.

Scary Maze Game 8, like the previous versions, is a game of skill. You must guide your character through the maze without touching the sides.

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To play this game, you only need to use your mouse. Put your cursor over the warrior to guide him through the maze, and to safety.


The graphics in Scary Maze Game 8 are much better than the previous version. The character is more animated and the backdrop is not as “flat” as they were in previous versions.


Your character is a mighty warrior, travelling through a maze to reach the end. Maybe he is looking for a princess to save. Who knows?

Scary Maze Game 8 –  Level 2

Level 2



Scary Maze Game 8 consists of five difficult levels.


While the game is quite simple in concept, it proves to be difficult to beat. If you are stuck, though, you can find a walkthrough video on YouTube.

How to Play

This game proves to be more difficult than the previous versions. The passageways are narrow; the animated character – while an improvement from previous versions – can cause you to fail a level. How? As he moves around the maze, you can see his feet popping in and out. If you are too close to the wall while facing it, you could accidentally touch the wall – ultimately exploding our little warrior friend.

The object of the game is to guide the warrior through the maze while collecting the red dots along the way.

Scary Maze Game 8 –  Level 3 FAIL

Level 3 fail - scary maze game 8

Age Appropriate

True to its name, this is a scary maze. However, the “scary” part in this game is not as scary as the previous versions. Therefore, this game is most likely suitable for children ages 8+. However, parents, please use your judgment first. Play the game prior to letting your children play it to ensure it meets your satisfaction.

Have Fun 🙂