Scary Maze Game Justin Bieber


This game is actually dedicated to all the Justin Bieber fans out there who wanted to show their undying support for him.

How to play the Scary Maze Game Justin Bieber – Save Justin Bieber

In playing the game, all you need is your mouse. Just slowly guide a tiny red dot through the maze until it reaches the picture of Justin Bieber. Avoid letting the dot touch the walls of the maze otherwise you may have to start the game again from the beginning. Once you have successfully worked the dot within the maze it will automatically lead you to another level until you reached the final stage of the game where a great surprise awaits you.

Click to play Scary Maze Game Justin Bieber

Click to play Justin Bieber Scary Maze game

Game Levels

There are actually no levels in this game, but it has three stages. In every successful maze the more challenging the next activity becomes. You have to be very patient and keep your focus on the game, especially that the success of the game depends on how steady you control the mouse.

The different phases of the game advances until you reached the final stage of the where you will be surprised by a “shocked Bieber” together with a creepy background sound effect. It’s actually not a scary picture of Justin Bieber that you will encounter; instead, it is just an altered Photoshop enhanced picture of him with some added special effects.

Level 2

Now, if you are a Justin Bieber fan, this game is definitely for you and guaranteed that you will love the concept of this. Well, at least just to tickle you a bit. With millions of Justin Bieber fans, this game obviously becomes one of the most played online games among the series of scary maze.

If you will look at this game in a different perspective, it is not just about the celebrity Justin Bieber that will make you play and enjoy the game, it’s the challenge it offers. As simple as it may seem yet the ability to control and guide the dot through the crazy maze is considered already as a skill that you need to improve.  Also not everyone has the patience to slowly finish the maze and reach the final stage.

Not only will this improve your personal abilities but also your relationship with your family and friends. By sharing this game, it will establish another way to improve connections in a very fun and amusing way. Making them scream sometimes is also awesome; at least you get to share the same feeling and experience.

Level 3

This scary maze game version is not far from the original, only that Justin Bieber gets to join the fun. A moment of Goosebumps is not bad, after all Justin will come in amusing you with his hilarious faces. Try playing the game with just a dim light on or completely shutting off all the lights in the room, for you to experience the frightening feel that scary maze game have been offering to all their free online gamers.

Just one warning though, make sure that these games are beyond access from heart patients or kids with poor heart as it might make their conditions worse.