Scary Maze Game 7


The best maze game of the year

Scary Maze Game 7 – like many of its predecessors – is a simple flash game with one main objective; to guide the ball through the maze without touching the walls. It sounds easy, however if you do not have a very steady hand, it can prove to be quite difficult.

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The graphics and design work in this version are greatly improved from the previous versions. As opposed to some of the earlier versions (only having solid images and backgrounds), it includes flashing/twinkling stars and moving objects. These improvements are designed to try to distract you, and test your speed and accuracy of getting the ball through the maze. It really tests your concentration, too!

It must also be noted – to get the most enjoyable experience, be sure to have your speakers turned up!

Difficulty Level

Level one is fairly easy. However, once you pass level one, each level after that becomes increasingly difficult. They may look easy – but looks can be deceiving! More distractions are thrown at you to make you lose focus of your objective, and ultimately, make you touch the walls and lose the game.

Here’s an example of what the levels are like:


Level 4 - Scary Maze Game 7


Level 1 – Relatively Easy

Level 1 is relatively easy – guide the red ball through the star shaped maze to the end, without touching the sides. If you touch the sides, the game will end and you will have to start over. For an added challenge, the stars in the background twinkle – an attempt to distract you.

Level 2 – Super Mario

How many of you remember playing Super Mario Brothers? Do you remember the power up mushrooms and those “bad mushrooms” you’d have to jump on to kill? In Level 2 – the developers revisited the beloved Super Mario Brothers game – by incorporating some of the characters into the maze.

In this level, you must guide your ball around the power up mushroom’s outline, without touching the wall. For an added challenge, the ‘bad mushroom” scales across the top of the mushroom – back and forth – so you must time yourself so you don’t touch him! If you touch the bad mushroom or the wall, you will end the game and start over at level 1.

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Level 3 – Colorful Fish

Level 3 is similar to level 2 – containing moving objects to try to distract you and/or make you touch to end the game. The key differences are – in Level 3, you guide the red ball around the outline of a beautifully colored fish, while trying to avoid the smaller fish that cross in front of your passageway. Be careful not to touch the fish or the walls – otherwise, its back to the ‘drawing board” for you!

We don’t want to give away all the surprises, so we won’t tell you about the other 2 levels. You’ll just have to play them yourself!


What’s So Scary About it?

Each level has colorful images and backgrounds – some could even be described as “friendly.“ Don’t let this fool you! If you are lucky enough to reach the bonus round – you are in for a spooky surprise!

How About Some Cheat Codes?

Scary Maze Game 7 is a short, simple game designed so that almost anyone can play. Because of that, there are no codes available of any kind. Sorry, guys.

Recommended For Children?

Parents are advised to use their better judgment as to whether or not to allow their children to play. For some children, the “end game” surprise may be too scary; for others, it may prove no scarier than walking into your local movie theater and seeing the poster image of this year’s hottest horror flick. Play the game, and decide for yourself if it is suitable for your child.


Overall Thoughts:

All in all, Scary Maze Game 7 is an exciting game to play; featuring simple characters, increasingly difficult levels, and won’t require much of your time. It is designed so everyone can enjoy playing, however parent’s should test the game first prior to allowing their children to play – to ensure it is not too scary for them.