Scary Maze Game 10


Now this scary maze game series is getting more exciting than ever. Although there are a lot of possible twists that can be added to the game, still the objective remains, to test the skills of every player.

How to play Scary Maze Game 10

In playing Scary Maze Game series make your mouse your game partner. Just place your mouse cursor over the monkey image to be able to control the monkey at start the game.

Click to play Scary Maze Game 10

Play Scary Maze Game 10

The game 10 will ask you to guide a monkey get his hands on his yummy bananas. Same mechanics apply, avoid hitting the walls of the maze otherwise you will have to repeat the whole game.

Adding to the excitement are some obstacles along the way. Stay away from those unknown objects and keep your goal on getting the monkey to his bananas. It will put your concentration skills to a test as well as your game planning techniques. Plus, look forward to the amazing surprise after successfully completing every stage of the scary maze game.

Game Levels

Stage 1 will be very easy for you since you can just control the monkey with the use of your mouse. Then, once you have successfully finished the level it will automatically direct you to the second stage.

Level 4 - Scary Maze Game 10


Stage 2 is going to be a little extra thrilling as the springlike maze will make be more careful in controlling the monkey till it reached its banana. So be very careful.

Stage 3 presents a little twist when the scary maze game added some objects to their game 10 making the maze quite challenging. Start concentrating.

Stage 4 is the most challenging part of the game 10. It doesn’t only make its player to pause for a while and think, but it also offers animated objects that will surely make you think about how you can get the monkey to pass through them without getting caught. It will also pressure you to move fast without losing your focus on the game, otherwise you will have to go back to stage 1 and go through all the mazes again.

With that feel that you are advancing well enough in spite of the added objects in the game, after the fourth stage is again this scary image that will put a stop to your delight for a while. That shocking impact on you is what’s the scary maze game gives you as your prize for finishing every stage.

Scary Maze Game 10 - Game Over


Of course, there is always a way for you to move to the next level, concentrate and focus. At least the game 10 gives every player the move to try playing it over and over again. Enhancing this game series makes it worth the time to try every maze and bring about the idea that it is worth tweaking to everyone you know who loves online games and even to those you wanted to invite into playing scary maze games for free.

If given the chance to enhance this game further, adding more levels on every game will make this more amazingly challenging and engaging to play. Also the idea of adding other options where you can get the privilege to gain more points and bonuses that you can use as the game progresses is something to look forward to. Creating different kinds of mazes far from the usual maze games online will add more to the challenge as well as to the feel that this scary maze game series is really worth playing.