Scary Maze Game 4


In gaming, a great titles isn’t necessarily restricted high budgets and flashy graphics. An excellent point in this case are horror games and how far they have come from their roots. As of lately, games that are centered on horror have become akin to action games rather than emulating fear. There are no more oppressive environments, fear inducing ideas, and even shooting the fighting mechanics have become action based.


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However, on the opposite spectrum where independent titles have free reign, games have become frightening. Of course, the scary maze game 4 isn’t everything a horror game should, no game is. It’s more of a game that jumps out and surprises you, which is funny in some circumstances.

Why the game is scary

The simple fact here is that the game doesn’t last long. The game is a prank thing where it will get progressively harder, making you squint closer to the screen as you go along, and then a very morbid picture appears in front of you in the blink of an eye. Overall, once you get to the point where it jumps out, it loses the real scary factor. The charm of the game is that it is really easy to fall for during the first attempt. Overtime, however, the game has spread way too far and many people already know the shtick of the game. At least now you know why the game is called the scary maze game.


Level 3 - Scary Maze Game 4

Games beyond that 

Under the genre of mazes, there are a plethora of titles that have their own unique quirks. A lot of other them are brain teasers that require a lot of thought. Other games are just fun and very accessible for everyone. An awesome example of the first idea is the 3D Maze game. While the idea of the maze is the same, the game makes great use of space and you’ll need to think in that space while solving the maze. You can move the maze to figure out just where to move your cursor and where exactly the end is.

Overall, it might make you think outside the box a lot more. Another fun title is labyrinth. Basically, the game requires you to figure out a maze, all the while fighting against a computer controlled opponent to get to the end. During the initial levels it’s easy to achieve that objective, but during the last ones, the computer gets much faster.

Level 2 - Scary Maze Game 4

At the same time, there is also an option to play with a friend. There is support for 2 players in the game, and it’s a lot of fun with company.

If you ever get tired of the game, or maze in general, you can turn to other independent games. Much like the same idea mentioned above, there are also tons of high quality games on the internet that don’t need million dollar budgets for them to work. Keep in mind, all these games are free to play and easy to find, so you can have blast spending virtually 0 dollars while playing new games.