Scary Maze Game 3


Let’s play the 3rd version of Scary Maze Game!


You are tasked with guiding the little mouse through the maze to reach the cheese at the end. Be careful, though! Do not touch the sides of the maze, or you will fail the level and have to start from level 1 all over again!

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Scary Maze Game 3 features five levels. Many of the levels are different from the previous versions; however, there are a few that are very similar. One example of a level similar to previous versions would be Level 3 – guiding the mouse through the circular maze.



Similar to the previous versions, Scary Maze Game 3 offers basic graphics. However, the graphics are improved in this version compared to the last ones. In previous versions, you simply guided a ball through a maze with a basic backdrop. This version features the basic backdrop: blue on white, but instead of guiding a solid ball, you are guiding a cute, furry little mouse through the maze to the big piece of cheese at the end.


Level 2

As you guide the mouse around corners, you can watch his little body twist and turn around the corners as well.


The only thing you need to be able to play Scary Maze Game 3 is your mouse.


Level 4

Age Appropriate

While the majority of this game features cute characters and appropriate designs, let’s not forget, this is called “Scary Maze Game 3”. One area may not be suitable for young children. Parents, we advise you to play the game first through completion before letting your children play. Use your own judgment.