How to Play Scary Maze Game


 How to Play Scary Maze Game?

Often, pranks can range from the extreme to ingenious depending on who thinks them up. One notoriously famous prank on YouTube was recorded because of all the reactions it had elicited. Of course, by now you might have already guessed what the game was called, and how it worked to scaring many people.

For those that are still interested in the game, there is a way to play scary maze game without being caught because of how common the videos are. For you to truly enjoy the game, you’re going to have to find a target that doesn’t know about the game in the first place.

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The real problem with the game

The one solid problem about this prank is that there have been countless people who have fallen for it, and many people who have watched people fall for it. It is nearly impossible to find anyone that know nothing about this maze. Keep in mind, that the game is actually not that scary, and won’t give anyone a lasting impression of fright, unless the subject was a child. That isn’t a very suggestible idea though, because that jumping image isn’t a pretty sight. For any other subject, you’ll have to be smart enough to trap them without any suspicion’s on their part. Usually, this is best achieved by deceiving them about how hard this game really is, then letting them play it while wearing headphones.

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Anything beyond the scary maze game

After everything is said and done, this game is a bit predictable and while the maze will remain startling, the charm will wear off over time. However, this is just one aspect of mazes and free gaming online. In fact, there are so many other titles that are ready to play for free on the internet. If you feel like you actually want to play a good maze game, all you need to check out are the countless iterations of mazes.

A great example is the Impossible Maze, and how it was designed to frustrate players. You see, as soon as you enter the loading screen, you are greeted by the all too ominous sign, “You may as well quit”. One would think that this game is egging you on, but the truth here is that it really is a hard maze to finish, and each level succeeding the first seem more and more impossible.

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One maze that kids may like is Jet Pack Pizza. As the title suggests. The game is about pizza delivery and jetpacks and the main objective is achieved by delivering the pizzas to their designated areas. As with the game before, each level beyond the first will get more challenging, but not to the point where they are impossible. At the same time, getting to the location will on time will increase your points at the end of each level.

Beyond just mazes, you can also look at the alternative kinds of genres for your kids or you. RPGs, shooters, and brain puzzlers are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to flash gaming, just check which titles are for you.