Scary Maze Game Video


The Scary Maze Game Video: Hundreds of Hilarious Reactions

When people are faced with fear, there can be many different reactions that can spawn from each person. At least, that is what’s evident in the game scary maze. A lot of people tended towards jump out of the seat reactions, while others literally punched the screen in fright. Those varying reactions make every scary maze game video hilarious in its own right, but the whole thing was played out a long time ago. As of late, playing this prank has become harder, and you really have to work for the laughs each time you try it out. Of course it doesn’t stop these select videos from eliciting some good laughs.

The Videos

If you wondered why there was “punch the screen” included above, all you have to do is to search the words “monitor punch scary maze game”. Needless to say, the game scared one gentleman so much that he simply had to punch the screen to relieve the fear he felt for the game. The rest is pure comedy gold. Another one had a senor lady waving her hands in fear when she finally gets to the end of the maze. If you like the idea of a kid getting freaked out, then there are also ones where children play the game for the first time. Sure some of them cry, which is funny in its own right, but one actually features a kid slapping the screen when the lady finally jumped out to frighten him.


Besides those very funny videos, you can also try out the many fun mazes on the internet, which are good in unique ways. There are tons out there and all that is required of you is to look for them on the internet.

Maze Runner Missions

One integral part of a maze is that when you set them in the right place, they becoming a harrowing obstacle in the way of an important objective. Maze Runner Missions is a game that takes the harrowing part and mixes it in with different monsters. The main objective of the game is to map out the glade as quickly as you can, and often you can only go back to home base when you’ve mapped out at least 90% of it. This makes for an exciting experience as each day the glade moves and turns to become even harder, all the while filling up with enemies that are hunting for you. At the same time, you are also racing against the clock because when sundown hits, you fail the mission and have to repeat the maze. Overall, all these elements truly make the game fun to play.

The Invisible Cursor

Another fun, yet very simple game is the invisible cursor. In terms of special effects this game is gold because the developers really did try their best in making it good looking. At the same time, they also added the constant darkness in your way, while only you and your avatar are illuminated. However, the problem with this game is that if you strip away those two positives, you get very simple mazes that are all too easy to solve. It’s a unique play on different game mechanics and visuals so it is worth it to check out.