Scary Flappy Bird

The Scary Flappy Bird is yet another interesting and scary game that can be used to prank your friends and family members. Similar to the Scary Maze games, this one will make you shit scared! The game can be enjoyed by all age groups. The main idea of creating this game is to have a bit of fun in our monotonous lives. You can challenge your friend to play the game in late evenings. It is an extremely interesting game to play. However, ensure that the player is wearing the headphone and has put the volume to the maximum.

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Play Scary Flappy Bird

In this game, the Flappy bird needs to cross a few levels without touching the pipes. The birdie has to carefully fly between the two pipes. If it touches the pipes then the bird will lose a life and will have to start playing the game again from scratch. At the end of each level, you get rewards in form of stars. The score is also mentioned after every level that you cross successfully.

The controls of the game are very simple. You just need to use the Mouse for moving the bird. There is no violence or lewd content in the game, so it can be played by young children too. However, ensure that they are brave enough to handle the scary part of the game. Most of the players get real scared while playing the game. So, it may have a bad effect on the kids.


Scary Flappy Bird

Playing the game is not as simple as it looks! The bird does not move straight, it keeps jumping. So, there are lot of chances of the bird hitting the pipes. So, get your cute little birdie to flap its wings and reach the goal in the amazing Scary Flappy Bird game. Can you reach 20 points?