Scary Differences 2


This is to simply spot the difference on two identical looking pictures. Unlike other “spot the difference” online game, the scary differences will not require you to look for too much dissimilarity and instead of you enjoying it will rather pressure you, something that no one should ever feel while playing free online games.

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How to play Scary Differences

There are two pictures that will be displayed on the screen. They may look identical, but still you have to spot the 5 differences from the picture on the right portion of the screen before you jump to the next level. And if you think that that is all about this game, well don’t assume too soon because time pressure is greatly involved in this game.

In the event that you were not able to spot the 5 differences within the allowed time frame, you would have to start all over again. With the battle against time, you won’t easily find the well-hidden differences, so getting the game done the shortest possible time is most likely not going to happen.

Your mouse will be your best partner in this game. Once you have noticed a difference in the two pictures, roll your mouse over it and it will draw a circle around the object automatically, the best indicator telling you that you have chosen the right difference. After you have successfully completed the 5 well-hidden difference objects, you will either move on to the next level or you would be granted with unexpected surprises.


Level 3

Scary Differences 2 - Level 3


Game Levels

As each level progress the harder it is to identify the differences on both pictures. This is where your skills are being tested on how keen you can distinguish odd objects on identical looking images. Your mind will be placed on a difficult task, but will surely give you benefits in the way you think and analyze.

Scary Maze offers extremely amazing surprises, but this case is different. This is just one of the few games that should be played no matter what. It also promotes quality time and bonding moments with family and friends. Sharing this game will not only make your gaming moments happy, but theirs as well. This is not just a game that should be played individually; remember two heads or more are still better than one.

The Scary differences 2 comes in with amusing illustrations that will make you think that there is not a single difference in either of the pictures. So you really have to be very focused on identifying them, but never forget the time that will for sure to pressure you. Observation and focus are your greatest weapons to succeed at every level.


Level 4

Scary Differences 2 - level 4


No matter how many times you play the same level over and over again, you will also realize that your enjoyment level also increases. Therefore, it is not only the differences in the pictures that you have noticed, but also the level of amusement that you acquire in playing this free online game.