Scary Maze Game 10

Scary Maze Game 10 will be awesome. Keep in mind, I am not saying that this game series needs to be tweaked too much, or even at all. But if I were to make this one better, I would definitely make the walls of the maze much thicker in order to give the user more of a chance to actually accomplish the maze without going 5 miles per hour.

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I would also add more levels to this game as four levels is simply not enough for a game of this magnitude. A game of this magnitude needs to have at least 15 to 20 levels because there is so many more things that one could do with mazes.

User control accessibility will be much easier to navigate in this game. For one, the users of this PC game will have way more room to operate the mouse and I would have a way scarier music selection, perhaps, the “Exorcist” music soundtrack to spice things up and take someone off their game, like me since I would make it easier with the thicker walls and more space to operate.


Level 4 - Scary Maze Game 10


Scary Maze Game 10 would also include a shop where you could earn bonuses and coins for  accomplishing various goals throughout various levels of the game and also a feature for creating mazes similar to just a few other games I have seen online. This game would also contain more villains throughout the mazes to make it a bit more challenging since I would create more space for the mouse and individual handling the mouse to move throughout the maze to even things out.

Also, the four levels of Game 9 has to be changed from so few levels to a lot of different levels, at least 10 to keep people wanting to comeback and make it worth their time to play again.

Scary Maze Game 10 - Game Over